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OilSpill Cleanup and Multipurpose Vessels – OSCMVn
Capitaine Flumar, secrétaire national de la Flotte.


During Oil Spill, after the flood, in July 2012, in the port of Novorossiysk (Russia), the boat collected 2.5 cubic meters of a concentrated mixture of oil and sorbent. Malaga harbor (Spain) : Oil Spill – January 2014,- all the 2800 l have been completely recovered.


Following the maritime accident off the coast of Corsica on 7 October 2018, the boat intervened in order to respond urgently to the needs for clearance of the coast: 8500 l of heavy oil and 1500 kg of soiled solid waste collected.


This boat keeps the port clean : Antibes harbor (France) – biggest european marina.


In August 2014, the boat was tested in the ‘OHMSETT’ basin (independent and objective testing of the performance of full-scale oil spill response equipment) under various wave conditions, at various vessel speeds and different oil viscosities. These tests have confirmed that this technology allows the transfer of collected petroleum products simultaneously with their assembly, including during unrest at sea; it was also confirmed that the boat can work on the assembly of oil spilled in the sea 24 hours a day.


In May 2015, Taiwan company ‘‘MAILIAO MARINE’’ has bought the Ocean-going vessel. Label 'COP21-CMP11' of The Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris : Thanks to its exception marine pollution combat performance this Vessel is the first pollution clean-up ship in the World to receive this environmental distinction.


In February 2016, the company ‘‘QATAR PETROLEUM’’ has bought this vessel for harbor debris recovery and like oil-scavenger craft, which has proven useful for other port works.

OSCMV – OilSpill Cleanup and Multipurpose Vessel:

OSCMV is designed for solid and liquid floating waste recovery operations, even in the most inaccessible places, capable of working in difficult weather conditions – up to 5 knots, up to Beaufort 6.

In addition to the oil recovery, the ship has other functions:
.1. Firefighting – OSCMV is equipped with means to fight against midsized fire incidents.
.2. Lifting capabilities – OSCMV has a crane allowing handling and transportation of various goods.
.3. Towing capabilities – OSCMV is fitted with a towing hook for towing operations.
.4. Pumping of sewage/gray water – OSCMV is equipped with a motorpump that allows the recovery of black and gray waters (as well as degassing water) in remote ports or infrastructures, to transport them ashore and unload them for treatment.

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